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Here is how to replace the lawn mower blade and install your REVO6 in four simple steps.

Push Mower Tutorial

Deck Mower Tutorial

To prevent a fuel spill, tackle the project after running the mower dry or siphoning out the gas (a turkey baster does the trick). 

Step 1

Follow your lawnmower manual in regard to removing/replacing your metal blades. 

Step 2

Once you have removed the blade assembly, you are ready to install your REVO6 using the same bolt or nut that held the metal blade in place, along with the appropriate spacer provided that matches the hole type of your removed blade. 

Place the REVO6 top up (the side spacer is inserted) and align the holes of your spacer with the design on the lawn mower. Insert the bolt or nut and finger tighten until snug to ensure you do not cross-thread the bolt or not. Tighten and torque the bolt or nut according to the lawnmower manufacturers recommendation. Some manufacturers recommend using a torque wrench for this task, since over-tightening a bolt could cause it to crack, while under tightening it could allow the REVO6 to become loose and out of balance. 

Riding mowers and Zero Turn mowers will only require the same 5/8” bolt or nut, along with the appropriate spacer. For push mowers the images below will assist you with adding the 3/8” flat washer and 3/8” bushing to accommodate the conversion form metal blade to the REVO6.

View of the top of the REVO6 (faces toward the underside of the mower deck) with a 4-point spacer.

View of the top of the REVO6 with 4-point spacer inserted.

View of the REVO6 and underside of Troy-Bilt 21” push mower with a 4-point connection.

View of the 3/8” bolt, 3/8” flat washer, and 3/8” bushing to attach the REVO6 to a Troy-Bilt 21” push mower.

View of the 3/8” bolt, 3/8” flat washer, and 3/8” bushing ready for securing the REVO6.

View of the REVO6 secured to the underside of a Troy-Bilt 21” push mower.

Step 3

You are now ready to insert your REVO6 line. Insert the end of the line into any of  the six holes and push toward the center. If there is strong resistance, slightly  rotate the line to disengage the holding mechanism within the REVO6. Once you  have the line inserted, pull/push the line until the outside end just clears the  inside of your deck. Repeat this process for all six holes and for each REVO6 on  deck mowers with more than one REVO6.  

View of the REVO6 attached to Troy-Bilt 21” push mower with one line inserted.  The line is inserted from the outside towards the inside of the REVO6. The line is  adjusted or removed by pulling it from the inside of the REVO6.

Step 4

Before flipping the mower back upright or lowering your deck mower, take a  moment to clean out the underside of the deck. This will prevent the built-up  clippings from compromising airflow.  

Line replacement will be required when you start to notice any skips in your  cutting. You will replace the line by pulling the worn or broken line out from the  center of the REVO6 and replacing it in the same manner as you initially inserted  the line in Step 3.  

You are now ready to join the Blade Solution Revolution and SAFEMOWING!  For any questions or assistance, please email us at: support@safemowing.com 

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