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Common Questions

What is the advantage of purchasing the REVO6 over metal blades?

The REVO6 2.0 utilizes a hub and flexible line, creating a more equipment-friendly cutting environment when encountering hard or stationary objects. It provides a much safer user experience compared to metal blades, significantly reducing the risk of injury or objects being thrown from under the mower while still providing an efficient mowing environment for a well-maintained yard.

How does the cut of the REVO6 and REVOline compare with metal blades?

The REVO6 2.0 and REVOline delivers an efficient cut similar to that of metal blades, ensuring your lawn has a well-maintained appearance.

Does the REVO6 mulch?

Yes, the REVO6 is most effective when used with a mulching cover rather than a side or rear discharge or bagging setup.

How often will I have to change the lines when mowing?

Line replacement frequency varies based on lawn conditions and obstructions, but under normal conditions, the REVOline typically lasts for about 9 hours of mowing. The REVOline comes pre-cut in 10.5” lengths, offering approximately 24 inches of cutting length when inserted.

What is the future of REVO6 and REVOline?

Blade Solution Corp (BSC) is committed to continuously expanding the design of the REVO6 to accommodate as many blade hole shapes and spindle diameters as possible. By leveraging user feedback, we strive to make the REVO6 even more efficient, user-friendly, and safe. For REVOline, our ongoing research and development efforts focus on enhancing durability and cut quality. Our goal is to provide the best alternative to metal blades, ensuring a safer and more efficient mowing experience.

How does the REVO6 create lift on the grass for cutting?

While the REVO6 2.0 doesn’t create the same lift as conventional metal blades, its aluminum hub and line generate sufficient airflow to provide a clean cut, leaving your lawn well-maintained. It performs best with a mulching cover.

Will the REVO6 2.0 and REVOline cut tall grass?

Yes, REVO6 2.0 and REVOline can cut tall grass. However, just like with metal blades, you may need to slow down and make multiple passes to achieve a clean cut when mowing thick or tall grass and weeds. The advantage of the REVO6 is that if you run over rocks, limbs, stumps, metal, or any other objects that could damage traditional blades or your mower, it will only take a few minutes to replace the line, saving you hundreds of dollars in potential repair costs.

How do I know what to purchase?

During checkout, you’ll enter your mower’s make and model to help us determine the appropriate spacer for your order. Providing specific details such as spindle size (3/8” or 5/8”) and blade hole design (round, 4-point, 5-point, 6-point, 7-point, or S-shape) helps ensure accuracy. Spacers that match the hole design of your mower are provided. There is also a guide on our website that can help you choose the correct spacer.

Does the REVO6 2.0 require any special adaptors or tools for installation?

As previously stated, spacers that match the hole design of your mower are provided. The REVO6 2.0 is a universal fit for the majority of mowers, using the same bolt or nut that holds your current blades. Currently, our largest center hole will fit spindles up to 5/8 (.625) in diameter. We have a bushing/washer kit that brings the hole down from the 5/8 (.625) to a 3/8 (.375) hole for the majority of push mowers. Installation requires the same tools used to change your blades. You can find tutorial videos on our website to provide further assistance.