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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – Disrupting the $31B Lawn Mowing Industry Market Need: The REVO6 offers a safe and equipment friendly mowing accessory to consumers who are burdened by the challenges metal lawnmower blades cause. Traditional lawnmowers do not offer an alternative to mowing with metal blades, thus creating a rigid cutting environment when encountering hard or stationary objects hidden by tall or dense grass or other growth. This results in damage to blades, decks, shafts, spindles, and possibly even permanent engine damage. The metal blades are also a grave safety hazards for users when accidental contact is made. Resulting in serious injury, mutilation and even death. What We Do: BSC’s development of the REVOV6 revolutionizes the lawnmowing industry by replacing steel lawnmower blades with a flexible assembly utilizing a proprietary line for safe and efficient mowing on ALL types of lawnmowers. Design and field testing have proven the product is robust and effective.

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