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Introducing the New REVO6 and REVOline

Coming June 2024!

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REVO6 by Blade Solution

High-quality, long-lasting aluminum

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Secure REVOline fitting and replacement

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Universal mower deck fittings

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Everything mowing should be

When you replace your lawn mower blades with the REVO6, you transform a stressful, costly mowing experience into one that’s safe and hassle-free. Say goodbye to the days of buying and sharpening your lawn mower blades, or worrying about slinging rocks and debris. The REVO6 is equipped with a revolutionary, easy-to-use hub that makes mowing any acreage size a walk in the park.


Safer Mowing

Mow over rocks and debris without slinging them through windows or into the street. Enjoy peace of mind about your own safety too.


Easier Maintenance

Installing your new REVOline is quick and easy. With universal deck fittings, you don't have to stress over finding replacement blades in the correct blade size. REVO6 mower blades fit push mowers and riding mowers, regardless of deck size. Just insert a line in the hub and pull it to the correct blade size. No more struggling with complex installations.


Easier On Your Engine

With the REVO6, you don’t have to rev your engine as much because you don’t have heavy blades to cut through thick grass. It's a smarter choice for your mower's longevity.


Smarter Investment

REVO6 lets you spend less time and money on replacement mower blades. At a fraction of the cost, it’ll pay for itself! A wise investment for both your wallet and your lawn.

THE solution is here. shop our packages now

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our enhanced REVO6 and REVOline, set to revolutionize your mowing experience! Expected to roll out in June 2024, these models promise innovation and efficiency.

To ensure you don’t miss out, we’ve made pre-ordering effortless. Reserve your model today without any upfront payment! Simply choose your preferred product, and we’ll secure your order. When REVO6 and REVOline are ready to make their way to you, we’ll notify you via email for payment and final confirmation.

Waiting for the launch? No problem! Sign up for our notification list, and we’ll alert you the moment these groundbreaking products are available, giving you the option to place your order then.

Stay ahead of the curve with REVO6 and REVOline. Your future of SAFE, effortless, and innovative mowing awaits!


Get REVOline for the best safety, durability, and efficiency with your REVO6. It comes pre-cut, and you can order it in multi-pack quantities. Your yard deserves the best, and so do you.

Note: In addition to the 12-pack of REVOline you will receive with each REVO6, package prices and details will be added to this page for purchasing additional REVOline upon availability in June 2024. 

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REVO6 Reviews

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 26, 2023

Cut Tansy, Lupine, Daisies, and many other thick stalk flowers at the end of the season after full growth. These string blades did the job with surprisingly little wear on the blades, maybe an inch or so wore off. This is the toughest mowing I do, and it worked. My mower is a Craftsman self propelled walk behind mower. I think the cut is 22-24 inches on that mower. I have a zero turn mower that I want to use in high grass and rocky ground, and so I hope Blade Solution will have units that fit my Greenworks zero turn electric mower.

Joe Edes
Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 1, 2023

I have two mowing decks on the trash heap, and I am sick of it. I’d buy three of these today if they are available. I even busted my brush hog on these rocks.

Joe Edes
Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 7, 2021

This blade replacement is great for mowing! It mulches the grass into nice, fine clippings. It is nice to be able to mow without worrying about potential damage from running over sticks or small rocks that may be obscured by tall grass. A wonderful, safe solution for anyone who has concerns when mowing about potential injury for kids and pets or about damage to property.

Does not work as well with a bagging attachment but still gets the job done nicely! Highly recommend.

Allison White
Sara Edwards
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This is the most amazing invention ever! We own about 20 acres and typically replace our blade more than once a mowing season. Here in Arkansas we grow rocks. But they were no match for the REVO6. We also have two boys and used to worry about flinging rocks, that is no longer a worry. A safer mowing solution for sure!
Jared Addison
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Revo6 actually saved me from what could have been a tragic accident. I was backing up while mowing and tripped over a landscaping rock. If I would have had a fixed blade on my mower, I could of possibly lost a couple of toes or at least my shoe. With the REVO6 I had less worries about the outcome with that installed on my mower. Thank you REVO6!
Brent Hageman
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I've just started using the Revo6 this mowing season. I have my teenage son doing most of the mowing and it has been a relief to not have to worry about him throwing rocks as he goes. We are able to lower the mower deck to get a closer trim. We love the product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to upgrade their mowing experience and relief concerns about injuries or accidents while doing so. Great product 5/5.
Lonnie Clemmons
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