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REVO6 by Blade Solution

High-quality, long-lasting aluminum

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Secure REVOline fitting and replacement

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Universal mower deck fittings

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Stop messing with pesky dull blades.

The REVO6 replaces conventional metal mower blades for a safer, more equipment-friendly time in the sun!  No more blade sharpening. No more worrying about slinging rocks or debris into the street or through your neighbor’s windows. Just replace the REVOline on the REVO6’s easy-to-use hub, and make mowing a walk in the park.


Quicker Maintenance

Installing new REVOline is quick and easy. Just insert a line in the hub, and pull it to length.


Easy On Your Mower

Causing less strain and damage to other components, the REVO6 is easy on you and your mower.


Safer Mowing

Mowing shouldn’t be a danger to others or their property. And with the REVO6, it isn’t. You can mow safely while still getting a great cut.


A Smart Investment

REVOline lets you spend less time and money on mower blades. And at a fraction of the cost, it’ll pay for itself!


Get REVOline for the best safety, durability, and efficiency with your REVO6. It comes pre-cut, and you can order it in multi-pack quantities. Your yard doesn’t deserve any less!

Sara Edwards
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This is the most amazing invention ever! We own about 20 acres and typically replace our blade more than once a mowing season. Here in Arkansas we grow rocks. But they were no match for the REVO6. We also have two boys and used to worry about flinging rocks, that is no longer a worry. A safer mowing solution for sure!
Jared Addison
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Revo6 actually saved me from what could have been a tragic accident. I was backing up while mowing and tripped over a landscaping rock. If I would have had a fixed blade on my mower, I could of possibly lost a couple of toes or at least my shoe. With the REVO6 I had less worries about the outcome with that installed on my mower. Thank you REVO6!
Brent Hageman
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I've just started using the Revo6 this mowing season. I have my teenage son doing most of the mowing and it has been a relief to not have to worry about him throwing rocks as he goes. We are able to lower the mower deck to get a closer trim. We love the product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to upgrade their mowing experience and relief concerns about injuries or accidents while doing so. Great product 5/5.
Lonnie Clemmons
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